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  • Sarah Wiggins

Toronto Wedding Photographer - Now Booking 2020!

2020 will be a big year for weddings, mostly because it will be easy to figure out how long you've been married!!! I would love to photograph your wedding, let's grab a coffee and chat about all your amazing plans.

Check out my wedding page to hear all about the reasons why I would be the best photographer for you!

A few key points -

I am professional and have been photographing weddings since 2006!

I really care about you and your wedding.

I am kind, easygoing and fun.

I love helping out with referrals, wedding day timelines, family photo shot lists and so on.

I will give you a lot of photos... and I mean a lot, typically around 1000 - 1200!!!

I am great at making the formal photos look natural and showing your love.

Your images will be timeless!

I look forward to hearing from you, Let's Chat!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Sarah Wiggins

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